Welcome to my website! Here, I will link to a few projects I am currently working on, or have previously been working on.

Current Projects

My door collages with photographs of beautiful doors in Sweden. So far covering the cities of Uppsala, Stockholm, Växjö, Malmö and Västerås:
Doors of Sweden

My Printler shop, in case you want to buy some of my door posters:
Marianne Wartoft on Printler

My blog about playgrounds in Uppsala (in Swedish):
Uppsalas Lekparker

Previous Projects

Seterra, the ultimate map quiz site, which I worked on during the years 1997-2022. I sold Seterra in 2021:
Seterra Geography

Below, you find some really old software titles created by me in the late 1990s. I do not especially recommend using them, but since you might have ended up on this page while looking for them, I will list them here anyway:
Sebran, Minisebran, Selingua